What is a posy? Posies? Poseys?


What is a posy exactly?


A question that seems to arise more often than you think, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already googled it before, but what exactly is a posy? Is it a flower? Is it a bunch of flowers? If you guessed either one you’re correct.


A posy can be a single flower or a bunch of flowers tied together with a ribbon and come in many forms depending on the occasion, the purpose, and the type of flowers used.

Sound familiar yet?


More commonly known as a bouquet, nosegay, or a tussie-mussie, is a group of flowers put together and traditionally given as a gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and pretty much any other occasion you can think of. At Rustic Posy, however, we also think you don’t need an occasion to make someone feel special, and receiving a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers will do exactly that.


We select and prepare flowers we bought at the market in Perth on a daily basis to create beautifully made posys that would make anyone smile. Ordering a posy from us means that you know the flowers available on the day have been handpicked and prepared together to make for a harmonious bouquet that cannot be found anywhere else. It is unique and it is for a day only.


Rustic-Posy-Flowers-Perth-what is a posy?


Flowers have meaning


Depending on the type of flowers used and your location in the world, each flower can have different types of meanings.

This is why choosing flowers for your wedding bouquets can take hours and even days. Not only must you choose the type of posy, which can include nosegays, hand-tied, cascades, pomanders, and composites. But you also have to consider the breed and colour of the flower.


For example you wouldn’t choose sunflowers for a wedding because it represents ‘false riches’ despite its bright and yellow appeal, or a Tansy because it represents ‘I declare war on you’.

From the breed of flower through to the colour of a flower, trying to create a posy can be a difficult task.


That’s why we have created a small list of flowers and their meanings to help you get a better understanding.


10 Flowers and their meanings


  • Carnation: white carnations mean sweet and lovely, pink means ‘I will never forget you’, and yellow can signify disdain.
  • Red tulips: roses aren’t the only flower that signifies love and romance. Red tulips are also considered as a declaration for love.
  • Daisy: represents innocence.
  • Pansy: thoughtfulness and remembrance.
  • Lavender: a bouquet of lavender represents devotion.
  • Chrysanthemum: can mean honesty. However, in Chinese culture the chrysanthemum flower can represent duration, longlife, sorrow and grief.
  • Lily-of-the-valley: the message of sweetness. You may see these at weddings.
  • Peony: used to represent anger in Victorian times. Today they are linked to romance, marriage, and bashfulness.
  • Chamomile: signified ‘energy in adversity’ in the 19th century, but is now known for rest and relaxation. (think chamomile tea)
  • Verbana: prominent in religious ceremonies and mean ‘pray for me’.


Creating a bouquet of flowers requires thought, time and effort. You need to research each flower to find out their meanings, you then need to source fresh flowers, and then can you finally begin to make the posy of your choice.



At Rustic Posy all the leg work has been done for you. We source fresh flowers every morning to create unique posies fit for a multitude of occasions.

Surprise your mum this Mother’s day with a colourful ‘Posy in a Basket’ or wow your partner while she’s at work with a Triple Posy.

All posy orders are delivered on the day between 12:30 – 5:30pm.