Get Rid of the Winter Gloom with Flowers That Bloom

Rustic Posy flowers - winter blooms


Brighten up your garden and inject some colour this cold season with flowers that bloom in Autumn and Winter.


As you probably already know, attempting to cultivate a garden full of colourful blooming flowers in the colder seasons can be a difficult task, especially with a lack of sunlight.

But you don’t need to be a green thumb to achieve a glorious garden.

There are plenty of flowers to choose from in WA that bloom during Autumn and winter, and with a little research and planning, you’ll have a dazzling garden that looks good all year round.

Whether it’s a vertical garden or a garden bed, defeat the doom and gloom this season with some of the finest garden delicacies available in Western Australia.


What flowers bloom in Autumn?



Rustic posy flower perth - winter blooms - dahlia


Dahlias are a perfect addition if you’re looking to add a myriad of colours to your garden including, purple, white, pink, yellow, red and orange. The dahlia typically blooms around April to May and can be cut back and leaving the tubers in the ground, where they will regrow again in Spring. Dahlias are best planted in August, with a pruning in February to remove any dead flowers so that you can enjoy full bloom in Autumn. They thrive best in wet and dry tropical areas as well as dry inland parts of Australia and require full sun.



Rustic posy flower Perth - winter blooms - Alyssum


How to add a touch of snow in a city without snow. If you’re from Perth then you know that it doesn’t snow here but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a snow white garden. The easy-to-grow plant is as hardy and versatile as they get, and are great for edgings, wall gardens, and rockeries. They grow best in cool, subtropical, and mediterranean (south west region of WA) climates around Australia. They thrive in full sun with partial shade in the afternoon and don’t do well in freezing temps.


Echinacea or Coneflower

Rustic posy flower perth - winter blooms - coneflowers


Echinacea is more than just a colourful addition to your garden. The multipurpose flower helps attracts butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects for pollination, but its roots, leaves and flowers can also be used in herbal teas and medicines. The hardy perennial that isn’t bothered by pests or diseases can survive the coldest of temperatures whilst relishing in hot weather.



Rustic posy flower Perth - winter blooms - Marigold


Add a little warmth to your garden with rich autumn embracing colours including, yellow, cream, lemon, gold, orange, and reddish-brown. Apart from their beautiful aesthetic, they are also an excellent natural mosquito repellent and have the ability to ward off microscopic worms. Marigolds are a hardy plant that is extremely easy to grow and thrive in full sun exposure.



Rustic posy flower Perth - winter blooms - Chrysanthemum


Despite meaning sorrow and grief in some cultures, the Chrysanthemum can also represent duration and longlife, and comes in a wide variety of life injecting colours including pink, purple, and yellow. The versatile and hardy flower grows well in dry, wet and tropical areas and work well in vases as well as posys.


What flowers bloom in Winter?



Rustic posy flower Perth - winter blooms - Lavender


If you’re after a prolific bloomer with a rich purple accent for winter then look no further. Lavender is a water-wise flower that relishes sunny open areas of your garden and requires minimal watering. They thrive in well-drained parts of the garden and require pruning at least twice a year, followed by fertiliser, and blood and bone for a quick re-growth. Lavender can also serve as an excellent moth repellent when cut into batches and placed into drawers and cupboards.


Lily of the Valley

Rustic posy flower Perth - winter blooms - Lilies of the valley


Most commonly found in wedding bouquets, the highly sought-after flower is a popular choice for its ivory bell-shaped tassels and unforgettable fragrance. The lily of the valley has a cascading bloom that can stretch anywhere between 1-2 metres and thrives in cooler temperatures and under the shade. They can come in an array of colours including pink-tipped, red-tipped, and some with a bolder pink bell.


Woodland Cyclamen

Rustic posy flower Perth - winter blooms - cyclamen


The Woodland Cyclamen is a hardy perennial that is accustomed to an eastern mediterranean climate making it a perfect addition to your garden. The flowers, which are held above the foliage on long stems, droop downwards with reflexed petals, and come in shades of pink, white, red, and purple. The resilient plant can survive 600ft above sea level with temperatures below minus 10 celsius so it’s safe to say it’ll have no troubles here in Perth.



Rustic posy flower Perth - winter blooms - Pansy


Another great winter blooming flower is the pansy. One of the most popular flower choices to buy from a garden store, the pansy comes in a wide array of colours including yellow, purple, dark red, orange, violet, and is most recognisable for its dark centre bloom. They can thrive indoors, in a pot, and or in your garden, and prefer cooler temperatures with partial sun.


Winter Rose

Rustic posy flower perth - winter blooms - Christmas flowers


The winter rose is a perfect blend of intricacy and simplicity, with a diverse range of blooms including single and open, double, frilled, and pendent. Choose from a wide variety of colours and patterns such as dark plum shades, white, vibrant yellows, and shades of pink. The winter rose are perfect under trees with its evergreen foliage and long winter bloom, when amassed, produces a sea of texture, colour, and life. They prefer partial shade with winter sunshine encouraging more flowers.

You do not need to garden to have some blooms to look at home. Use our  Perth flower delivery service and order some local and seasonal flower arrangements that would brighten any room.