Rustic Posy flowers - winter blooms

Get Rid of the Winter Gloom with Flowers That Bloom

April 2019

  Brighten up your garden and inject some colour this cold season with flowers that bloom in Autumn and Winter.   As you probably already know, attempting to cultivate a garden full of colourful blooming flowers in the colder seasons can be a difficult task, especially with a lack of... Read More


What is a posy? Posies? Poseys?

March 2019

What is a posy exactly?   A question that seems to arise more often than you think, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already googled it before, but what exactly is a posy? Is it a flower? Is it a bunch of flowers? If you guessed either one you’re correct.... Read More


10 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

March 2019

It's a warm summer night, you have friends over for a BBQ, and everybody's having a good time. It feels like nothing could go wrong, until you feel an itch on your leg, then your arm and all of a sudden you have become the nights main course as the... Read More

How To Care For Fresh Cut Flowers Like A Florist

February 2019

You have just received a lovely fresh bouquet of flowers and have decided to put them into a jug of water to keep them alive. The next day you notice that the flowers are looking less lively and the petals have begun to wilt. You are probably feeling quite confused,... Read More